What you will need to use the Dan Sparks & Associates Bouncy Castles:

· A soft 15x13 foot area to host the small castle or 16x18 foot area to host the large castle
· Access to a 110V electrical outlet (regular household outlet).
· To sign a waiver form upon pick up.
· A parent or guardian to supervise the children at all times.

It is your responsibility to pick up, set up and return the castle on the date and time agreed upon. For more information, or to book the Bouncy Castles, please contact

Laura Quelch
Marketing Coordinator
403 688 3001




Welcome to CanmoreCastle.com!

Our team is proud to offer the Dan Sparks & Associates Bouncy Castles as community resources for local events, activities or to any friendly families interested in having some fun.  The use of the Bouncy Castles is 100% not for profit.  All funds raised are redirected to local charities or fundraisers in Canmore & surrounding communities.

Should you wish to make a donation for the use of the Bouncy Castles, please make your cheque payable to one of the charities listed below and return it to Laura Quelch 403 688 3001.  We will ensure that your cheque is delivered on your behalf and that you receive a tax receipt.

CLICK HERE to learn how to donate to these charities...